Pre-bonded I Tip Hair Brazilian Human Hair Stick Hair Extensions

About the product · 100% Remy Human Hair Stick I Tip Hair Extensions · 10-34 Inch, 100 Strands 50g Per Pack,Colors You like all Available · No Shedding,No Tangles,No Bad Smell,SilKy Soft · Can Be Curled, Straightened, Tongued & Washed, But Do Not Use High Tempreture. · All the extensions...


About the product

· 100% Remy Human Hair Stick I Tip Hair Extensions

· 10-34 Inch, 100 Strands 50g Per Pack,Colors You like all Available

· No Shedding,No Tangles,No Bad Smell,SilKy Soft

· Can Be Curled, Straightened, Tongued & Washed, But Do Not Use High Tempreture.

· All the extensions have been dyed the different color in the processing, if you want to re-stain, light color can be dyed to darker, but the darker can not be dye to light.

Product description 

Size:16 inch  |  Color:#6


Hair Quality:7A Remy Hair
Texture: Natural Straight, and have a natural wave when wet or left to airdry or diffused.
Hair length:16"
Color: Color #6.there might be color differences because of different monitor.
Weight: 1g/strand
Quantity: 50 strands/package
Total weight: 50g/package



1. Part the hair into horizontal sections. Grasp the top layer of hair and pull upward, Secure this section of hair with a clip. Giving access to the strands underneath. The lower section should begin where you wish to install the extension.

2. Insert the pulling needle or hook through the I-tip tube. The tube will sit on the lower portion of the needle, exposing the hooked end.

3. Grab a section of the hair where are the first extensions will attach. The section should be small enough to fit through the tube effortlessly.

4. Hook the needle on to the hair near the upper region of the strands, approximately on inch from scalp.

5. Pull the needle toward you while securing the tube with your fingers. This will slide the section of hair through the tube.

6. Grasp the tube with your fingers, holding it in place approximately 1/2 to 1 inch from the scalp.

7. Push the extensions upward into the tube. Set the solid or tipped end into the bottom of the tube. Push the extensions up toward the scalp. The tube now holds a section of natural hair and the extensions at the same time.

8. Use the hair extension pliers to flatter the bottom end of the tube, the end away from the scalp. This fusing it to the natural hair.

Hair Caring:
1) Wash and condition hair regularly. 
2) Hackle hair gently before washing. Do not rub or twist hair.
3) Add mild shampoo to cool water and wash hair till clean.
4) Blot out excess water with towel and allow hair to dry naturally. Do not expose to sun. 
5) Crush straight hair in a downward motion straight with the ends. Work your way up to the roots.
6) Hair may tangled if general care directions are not followed properly.

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