Pre-Bonded I-Tip Hair Extensions 1g/pc Straight Italian Keratin Stick Hair Extensions 50pcs

About the product ·Material: 100% natural human, no synthetic hair mixed guarantee. ·I tip stick hair, keratin tip hair extension, pre bonded hair, straight human hair. ·Length: 20 inches 50cm Weight: 1g/strand, 200-300 strands for a full head. ·Can be curled, washed, dyed, bleached,...


About the product 

·Material: 100% natural human, no synthetic hair mixed guarantee. 

·I tip stick hair, keratin tip hair extension, pre bonded hair, straight human hair. 

·Length: 20 inches 50cm Weight: 1g/strand, 200-300 strands for a full head. 

·Can be curled, washed, dyed, bleached, straightened what you want, easy to attach and remove, soft and comfortable on head, change look within 5 minutes. 

Product description 

Size:24"  |  Color:#613 

Under this listing you will get the most advanced hair extension method in the Fashion Industry -- I tip hair extensions or called mrico links, keratin bonds. 

*Micro Links/ Hair Lock Hair Extensions. This is the strand by strand method and is also known as the cold fusion method. 

These are 1gram strands. So each strand has twice the amount of hair leaving you with less work only having to install 100 strands for a full head. 

Product Description 

Hair Quality:7A Remy Hair 

Texture: Natural Straight, and have a natural wave when wet or left to airdry or diffused. 

Hair length:24" 

Color: Color #613 Please be noted there might be color differences because of different monitor. 

Weight: 1g/strand 

Quantity: 50 strands/package 

Total weight: 50g/package 

Care and Usage 

About Style: Our remy human hair extensions are just like your own hair and can be styled, curled or straightened as desired.But it is better to let your hair-dresser to do it. 

About coloring: The hair can be colored. As a general rule it is easier to darken the hair than to lighten the hair. But always test a small sample first. 

About hair dryer and tongs: Treat the hair as if it is your own. Use a hair dryer or tongs, even when fitted. But as with your own hair, never use a hairdryer or tongs too hot. You will dry the hair and it will not last as long. The ends are thick and full, they don't thin out like normal single drawn extensions will. With these, you have a good base for length. 

If you want know more about the hair, please contact us before order 

We wish every customer have a nice and beautiful day, Thank You! 

How to attach

(1) Insert micro ring into the pulling needle

(2) Grab a portion of the hair with pulling needle

(3) Slide the portion of hair through needle

(4) Hold the micro ring 10-20 mm from scalp

(5) Insert the extension into the micro ring

(6) Flatten the micro ring

Care instruction:

(1) Use a mild Shampoo, Rinse and leave to dry.

(2) Comb with a wire brush after dry.

(3) If the hair is straight, please straighten it after wash. If it is wave, please put some hair gel for holding this wave.

(4) You can perming dyeing, but please remember do not do this too frequent, and remember to use the nutrition water.

(5) The combs you'd better choose the round head width row spacing.

(6) Washing liquid must be the acidity.

(7) Do not discover the hair on sunshine too long.

(8) Do not blows the root of hairs too near with the hair drier.

(9) Do not grasping the root of hair overexert when washing. 


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