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How to Wash The Hair Extensions?
Jul 21, 2017

If the way of washing hair extensions is in wrong way,it will make you disappointed.There are some stips to help you find a set of cleaning it, to ensure your hair extensions can be used for a long time, no matter what the level it belongs to.

1.Use a special comb (antistatic) to keep the hair extension;

2.Hand washing, Do not use the washing machine;

3.Selection combo shampoo, avoid hard scrub, hand gently scratched hair on it;

4.Rinse with clean water;

5.Dry With towel (block 2-3),do not tighten by hand or washing machine to dry;

6.Natural dry, avoid exposing in the sun;

7.When the hair is about to dry,grasp the hair gently,and then combing it with a special comb;

8.For the clear hair extension,if you don’t wear it frequently,it’s better to spray a little hair oil;

9.The clear hair extension should be kept in dry place.

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