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The Proper Way of Washing, Drying, and Brushing Locks to Protect Hair From Split Ends—one
Aug 01, 2017

Split ends are not only a major annoyance; it can also spell the beginning of the end of your beautiful and shiny locks and the Human Hair Extensions Online products installed among them. Fortunately, your hair only gets severely damaged if you don’t do something about them the moment you do find them. It also only happens if you don’t do the following things to prevent them from appearing.

* Carefully apply shampoo. Keep in mind that over-application of shampoo strips your hair of healthy oils, leaving them vulnerable to damage.

So instead of washing your hair each day with shampoo, do so only thrice a week, and do this less often if your hair is afro-textured or you have thick curls. Also, instead of washing all parts of your hair, wash only the scalp and the hair near it. As for the rest of your hair, it should get enough washing from all the shampoo running down it.

Do you use hot water for bathing? Hot or warm water removes protective oils from your hair, so use cold water to rinse your hair.

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